Oak Island NC - West End

Oak Island NC - West End Waterfront View

See a waterfront view of the west end of Oak Island NC. See the Atlantic 
Ocean, the Lockwood Folly Inlet, and Davis Canal, and find sailing and 
boating on the Intracoastal Waterway.  View the east end of Holden Beach 
across the inlet.

View an Oak Island NC picture of a waterfront on the west end. 

See a videos below of west-end Oak Island NC.

Visit the Oak Island and Brunswick County area of coastal North 
Carolina. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches at Oak Island 
and Caswell Beach, visit the Oak Island Lighthouse, and play the 
golf course on the island. Find delis, restaurants, and local eateries 
in the Oak Island and Southport NC area, and shop the businesses 
and stores in Brunswick County North Carolina. 

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