Sunday, November 24, 2013

Golf NC - Boiling Spring Lakes NC - East Coast

View NC golf at Boiling Spring Lakes NC and the east coast area.

Visit the Boiling Spring Lakes community and Southport NC in Brunswick
County, and find Oak Island NC, St James Plantation, and more east coast
towns and communities.  See The Lakes Golf Course at Boiling Spring Lakes
NC, and find golf at Oak Island, Winding River Plantation, and St James
Plantation NC. In addition to golf, find The Big Lake at Boiling Spring Lakes
and the Waterfront Park on the Cape Fear River at Southport. If you plan to  
relocate to the coast, ask about homes and lots for sale at Boiling Spring Lakes,
find golf course homes and communities, and search for NC real estate in the
Boiling Spring Lakes, Southport NC, and Brunswick County areas of coastal and
southeastern North Carolina.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Southport NC - Coastal NC


See videos of the Southport NC and coastal area.

View sailboats on the Cape Fear River, enjoy a day at the Southport
Waterfront Park, and see Fort Johnston, the Old Yacht Basin area, and
the Southport Community Building. In addition to the Cape Fear River
and Waterfront Park, enjoy shopping and dining, find art, theatre, and
music in the Southport and Brunswick County NC area, see more about
Southport North Carolina.  Browse the gift shops and business in the
downtown area, find the Maritime Museum and Fort Johnston, and visit
Franklin Square Art Gallery. Enjoy views of the Southport NC Waterfront
area, find the City Pier and a marina, and find restaurants and shopping
in the Old Yacht Basin area at Southport NC. If you plan to relocate to
the Southport NC, St James Plantation, and coastal area, find condos,
homes, and Southport NC real estate, and search for NC real estate
and properties in the Brunswick County area.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Old Yacht Basin - Southport NC - Sailboats - NC Coast

See the Old Yacht Basin at Southport North Carolina.

Enjoy the waterfront views, see the fishing boats and sailboats, and
visit the shops and local eateries in the Old Yacht Basin area. Find
the City Pier and the Southport NC Waterfront Park on the Cape Fear
River, and see the Maritime Museum, Fort Johnston, and more places
of interest in the Southport NC area.  Visit Bald Head Island by ferry,
and find Boiling Spring Lakes, Caswell Beach, and Oak Island NC
within a short drive of Southport North Carolina.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oak Island NC Intracoastal Waterway

See the Intracoastal Waterway at Oak Island NC.

Visit Oak Island NC in Brunswick 
County and coastal North Carolina. 
See the Intracoastal Waterway and 
the Atlantic Ocean at Oak Island, 
and find St James Plantation and 
Intracoastal Waterway communities 
in Brunswick County. 

View 59th St, Pelican Dr and 52nd St Oak Island NC,  
and request information new homes and building sites 
for sale. If you are interested in boating and sailing,
find the Cape Fear Rivera marina, and the Old Yacht 
Basin area in Southport NC, and view the Sunset Harbor 
NC Waterfront on the Lockwood Folly River and the 
Intracoastal Waterway. View the ICW at Sunset Beach, 
and find Holden Beach, Caswell Beach, and Brunswick 
County NC beach towns and communities.  View the
Atlantic Ocean waterfront scenes at Oak Island NC and 
Caswell Beach, enjoy videos of the Sunset Harbor and 
Brunswick County North Carolina area, and 
search for NC real estate for sale if you are moving to 
the Oak Island NC, Boiling Spring Lakes, and 
Brunswick County NC area.

View homes and properties on Yacht Drive and the 
Intracoastal Waterway area, find oceanfront real estate 
and Oak Island beach houses, and see Dolphin Drive, 
Norton Street, and 12th Street Oak Island NC. Ask 
about homes and properties in the golf course area, and 
see homes for sale in the Yaupon and Caswell Beach 

Brunswick County & Oak Island NC Real Estate   -   Intracoastal Waterway   -   Oak Island NC Homes 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brunswick County NC - Southport NC Waterfront Views


View the Southport NC Waterfront in Brunswick County.

Visit the Waterfront Park on the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County North
Carolina. Watch the ships as they enter the harbor from the Atlantic Ocean,
and see the fishing boats, ships, and sailboats on the Cape Fear River. Walk
out on the City Pier, or enjoy a walk along the riverfront. Find benches and
swings at the Waterfront Park, and visit the shops and restaurants in the
Southport, Oak Island, and Brunswick County North Carolina area. Enjoy your
visit to Southport NC, and search for Southport homes and NC real estate for
sale if you plan to relocate to the coastal area. Ask about Bald Head Island,
Boiling Spring Lakes, and St James Plantation NC real estate and properties,
and find The Landing at Southport, Indigo Plantation, and more communities
in the Southport and Brunswick County North Carolina area.

In addition to the Southport waterfront, find the Lockwood Folly River at Sunset 
Harbor and Varnamtown, see the Calabash Riverand Shallotte River, and view 
homes for sale and the Southport, Oak Island, and Brunswick County NC area.
See pictures and videos of golf at Boiling Spring Lakes, Winding River Plantation, 
and Lockwood Folly, and view a marina, the City Pier, and Southport NC pictures.