Monday, October 27, 2014

Leland NC Scenes - Brunswick County NC Homes

View Leland NC scenes and Brunswick County NC homes for sale.

See Magnolia Greens, Brunswick Forest, and Leland NC golf courses, 
and view the Brunswick River. Find businesses and restaurants at 
Leland, and find shopping, dining, and museums and art galleries 
at nearby Wilmington NC within a short drive of Leland. If you are 
moving to the coast, see Leland NC homes for sale, and find golf 
community homes, beach houses, and Brunswick County NC homes 
and real estate at Oak Island and more towns and communities. 

Visit Leland NC, and find the Brunswick County NC towns of Southport, 

Shallotte, and Calabash. If you are looking for a golf course community, 
ask about Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest at Leland, find St 
James Plantation and the Oak Island Golf Course, and see Winding River 
Plantation, Lockwood Folly, and more golf communities in Brunswick County 
North Carolina.  --
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oak Island NC Homes & Brunswick County NC Real Estate

Find Oak Island NC homes for sale and Brunswick County NC real estate.

View cottages, beach houses, 
and Oak Island NC homes for 
sale, and see Winding River 
Plantation homes, and more 
real estate and property for 
sale in Brunswick County 
North Carolina. View 

See videos below of Oak Island homes and Brunswick County NC properties. 

View Holden Beach homes and Bolivia 
NC real estate, and ask about Brunswick 
Forest, Magnolia Greens, and homes 
for sale in the Leland North Carolina area. 
Find Intracoastal Waterway homes, Davis 
Canal area properties, and homes for sale
in the golf course area. Ask about cottages 
and condos, and find beach houses and 
oceanfront homes at Oak Island and 
Caswell Beach NC. See more 
Oak Island NC pictures and video, and 
browse the Brunswick County NC blog.  
Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and beaches, 
and visit the Oak Island Lighthouse at 
Caswell Beach. Find shopping and 
dining in the Oak Island and Southport 
area of Brunswick County NC.


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Relocate Oak Island NC

Relocate Oak Island NC . Brunswick County

Are you looking for 
the perfect beach 
community in coastal 
NC? Look no more. 
See pictures and video 
of Oak Island NC and 
Caswell Beach, see 
Oak Island NC homes for sale
and call 
Dennis at 910-279-0989 
Penny at 910-279-0990 
for real estate information

Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, 
beaches, and Intracoastal 
Waterway, and play the 
golf course at Oak Island 
and Caswell Beach. 

See more photos and videos 
of the Oak Island NC area, 
browse the Holden Beach, 
Brunswick County, and Oak 
Island NC blogs, and view 
images of the marina, beaches, 
and Intracoastal Waterway at 
Oak Island, Caswell Beach, 
and the Brunswick County 
beach and island communities. 

Find Yacht Drive, 14th Street
and Kings Lynn, and see lots 
for sale, cottages, and beach 
houses at Oak Island North 

See North CarolinaSt 
James Plantation, and
Brunswick County NC blogs 
for additional pictures and 
video of the area.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Southport NC

Southport North Carolina Scenes

Visit the town of Southport NC in Brunswick County and coastal North 
Carolina. Find gift shops and more businesses, and dine in the restaurants, 
cafes, and local eateries. Visit the Maritime Museum, the Old Yacht Basin 
area, and Franklin Square Art Gallery, and spend a morning or afternoon 
at the Southport Waterfront Park. 

Find Boiling Spring Lakes, St James Plantation, and the Caswell and Oak 
Island Beaches nearby. If you plan to relocate to the coastal area, view 
Southport NC real estate for sale, and find St James Plantation homes, and 
see the Oak Island and Southport NC real estate blog pages. Find photos 
and videos on the Southport NC Sails blogand see North Carolina and 
Brunswick County NC blogs. 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Old Yacht Basin - Southport NC

View Southport NC and the Old Yacht Basin area.

Visit Southport NC in the Brunswick County area of coastal North 
Carolina. See the boats in the Old Yacht Basin area, and visit the 
shops and local eateries in Southport. Visit the Maritime Museum, 
Franklin Square Art Gallery, and additional places of interest in 
Southport and Brunswick County NC. Watch the ships, sailboats, 
and birds on the Cape Fear River from the Southport Waterfront 
Park, and find shopping and dining in the Southport and Oak Island 

Also find Bald Head Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, and St James 
Plantation in the Southport area. If you plan to purchase a vacation 
home or relocate to the area, view Southport NC real estate for sale
and ask about condos, waterfront homes, and cottages. See the 
Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway at Caswell Beach and 
Oak Island, and view more videos of the Southport NC area.

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Oak Island NC - Golf - Ocean - Marina

View Oak Island NC. 

See pictures and video of Oak Island NC. View the Atlantic Ocean and 
beaches, and see pictures of the Oak Island Golf Course. Vacation at 
the beach or relocate to the Caswell Beach and Oak Island area of 
Brunswick County North Carolina. 

Play the golf course at Oak Island, and find golf at nearby St James Plantation 
and Boiling Spring Lakes. Visit the Oak Island Lighthouse at Caswell Beach, 
and find the Maritime Museum and more places to visit in Southport NC. Shop 
the stores and businesses on Oak Island, and enjoy a meal in one of the diners, 
restaurants, and local eateries. See videos of the Oak Island NC area, and find 
Oak Island NC real estate for sale if you are moving to the coast or looking for 
a vacation property.

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