Sunday, July 29, 2012

O'Quinn Boulevard

View O'Quinn Boulevard and condos and real estate in the Oak Island and Southport NC area.

See condos and NC real estate for sale in South Harbour Village.
View Southport NC real estate and condos and villas in the Caswell
Beach and Oak Island North Carolina area of Brunswick County.
Ask about O'Quinn Boulevard, and find condos and properties for sale 
in Brunswick County towns and communities

See videos below of the Southport and Oak Island NC area. 

In addition to O'Quinn Blvd and South Harbour Village, see Glen Cove Drive, 
31st Street and Kings Lynn Drive, and find Oak Island NC homes for sale. Ask 
about real estate and condos, and view Southport and St James Plantation NC. 
Visit the Old Yacht Basin area, see the Cape Fear River at Southport, and
find golf at Oak Island and St James Plantation NC. Visit the Shallotte,Boiling 
Spring Lakes, and Leland areas in Brunswick County NC.

Contact us here or call Dennis and Penny at 910-279-0989 
for property information and assistance.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

62nd Street - Oak Island NC

View 62nd Street and Oak Island NC real estate. 

Are you looking for a home on one 
of the Brunswick County NC beaches
or islands? View Oak Island Drive, 
and ask about oceanfront cottages
and homes for sale on Caswell Beach 
and Oak Island NC real estate for sale
View Yacht Drive and 62nd Street , 
and more areas and home in the 
Oak Island NC area. 

See an Oak Island NC video below.

Ask about 62nd Street, 78th Street, 
and 34th Street, and find Intracoastal 
Waterway properties and Davis Canal 
area real estate and homes for sale. 
Ask about Kings Lynn Drive and 
homes and lots for sale in the west 
end area of Oak Island, and find 
Pelican Drive, Sellers Street, and 
12th Street Oak Island NC. Ask 
about South Harbour Village and 
real estate in Oak Island mainland 

Call Dennis at 910-279-0989 or Penny at 910-279-0990. 

Contact The Krueger Team here 
for information on beach houses, 
cottages, and Oak Island NC real estate real estate.

Watch the sailboats on the Intracoastal 
Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, and 
play the Oak Island Golf Course. Find 
golf in the nearby St James Plantation, 
Bald Head Island, and Boiling Spring 
Lakes communities, and visit the 
Southport Waterfront Park and the 
museums, shops, and local eateries 
in the Southport and Oak Island area 
of Brunswick County NC. 

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Glen Cove Drive - Souhport NC Real Estate - Oak Island

Southport - Oak Island NC area

Are you looking for 
home in the Oak 
Island, Southport, 
and Brunswick County 
NC area?

Find South Harbour 
Village on the 
Intracoastal Waterway, 
play the golf courses 
in the Oak Island area, 
and visit near-by 
Southport for shopping, 
dining, and more. 

If you plan to relocate 
or purchase a vacation 
home, ask about Glen 
Cove Drive and 
Southport NC real estate 
for sale, view condos 
and homes on Oak Island, 
and find townhomes and 
villas in the coastal NC 

See videos below of the Southport 

and Oak Island NC area. 

Call Dennis and Penny 
at 910-279-0990 for real 
estate information and 
assistance, and ask about 
homes for sale in Southport, 
Boiling Spring Lakes, and 
the Caswell Beach and 
Oak Island NC area.  

View Dolphin Drive, 
O'Quinn Blvdand NC 
real estate in the Southport 
and Oak Island area, and 
find Smithville Woods, 
and more subdivisions 
in the coastal North 
Carolina area. 

Find cottagesbungalows, 
and Southport waterfront 
homes, ask about 
NC real estate for sale 
in the South Harbour 
Village area, and request 
information for oceanfront 
area properties. 

See pictures and videos of 
View the Atlantic Ocean, 
ICW, and golf course, and 
see photos and video of 
nearby Southport.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dolphin Drive - Oak Island NC

Dolphin Drive and Oak Island NC Real Estate

Enjoy the beaches, golf, 
course and more on 
Oak Island NCand find 
real estate and homes 
for sale if you are relocating 
or planning to purchase a 
vacation home at the 

Oak Island NC pictures ocean, golf, Intracoastal Waterway

View real estate and 
homes for sale in the Oak Island NC 
area, and find homes 
and property in nearby 
Southport and St James 
Plantation. Ask about 
Dolphin Driveand find 
cottages, bungalows, and 
Oak Island NC real estate and local scenes.  

See videos below of the 

Oak Island NC area.

Request information for 
Dolphin Drive properties, 
and find Yacht Drive and
homes and lots on the 
Intracoastal Waterway.  
See West Beach Drive
Norton Street, and Elizabeth 
Drive, and view Oak Island NC 
pictures, videos, and homes 
for sale. 

See condos, building sites, and 

beach houses and cottages, and 
find Oak Island NC real estate 
and homes for sale in the 
mainland and island areas.

Also find Intracoastal Waterway 
real estate and Davis Canal area 
homes and properties on Oak 
Island NC, ask about real estate 
and homes for sale in the Oak 
Island NC area. 

Visit the neighboring town of 
Southport NC on the Cape Fear 
River, ask about home on Bald 
Head Island and Caswell Beach, 
and view Southport NC real estate 
and condos for sale.

Call Dennis and Penny at 
910-279-0989 for real estate 
information and assistance.

for information on Oak Island 
NC homes, real estate, and 
properties for sale.  

In addition to Dolphin Drive, 
ask about oceanfront area homes 
and cottages, and Caswell Beach 
NC condos and homes. Find 
townhomes, villas, and real estate 
for sale in near-by Southport, and 
ask about Caswell Beach real estate
and  homes and lots on Oak Island 

View homes in the wooded area of 
Oak Island, and find the Kings Lynn 
Drive, Yacht Drive, and 41st Street 
areas. See Davis Canal area homes 
and building sites and additional 
Oak Island NC communities. 

View the 
golf course at Oak Island NC
and enjoy boating, fishing, and 
sailing at Southport North Carolina.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

View Southport NC photos and Oak Island NC real estate.

Enjoy the views of the Cape Fear 
River from the Waterfront Park, 
and stroll or bike to the Old Yacht 
Basin area for more waterfront 
views. Find shops and eateries, 
and watch the boats, birds, and 
waterfront scenes. 

Enjoy a video below of the Cape Fear River at Southport NC.

short boat ride across thewater 
or within a short drive of 
Southport NCfind Caswell Beach 
and Oak Island North Carolina
Enjoy the ocean and beaches, find 
the Intracoastal Waterway and Davis 
Canal, and browse the shops and
businesses in the Oak Island area. 

If you dream of living at the beach, 
see Oak Island NC real estate. View 
Caswell Beach homes and condos, 
and ask about Bald Head Island
homes and Southport NC real estate 
for sale. Ask about Bay Street and 
waterfront area homes, and find 
Smithville Woods, Arbor Creek, and 
Southport NC real estate in additional 
communities. See another view of 
ships on the Cape Fear River, and  
within few miles of Southport, 
Boiling Spring Lakes, and St James 
Plantation NC.

The picture to the left is of the 
entrance to the Arbor Creek 
community. Arbor Creek is 
located just out of Southport 
NC off Highway 211. See 
and see the Brunswick River at 
Leland NC. See Davis Canal, 
visit the Maritime Museum at 
Southport and the Oak Island 
Lighthouse at Caswell Beach NC. 
See photos and video of the City 
Pier at Southport, and find 

Southport Oak Island NC -   Brunswick County NC   -   Wilmington NC Southport  -  River Southport NC     -    Golf Boiling Spring Lakes NC