Monday, September 9, 2019

Oak Island NC Real Estate Homes Coastal NC Properties

Homes Properties Oak Island NC Real Estate for Sale

Are you moving to 
the Oak Island area 
of coastal NC
View homes and 
Oak Island NC 
real estate for sale. 

See McGlamery Street, 
Sellers St, and 8th Street, 
and find Yacht Drive area 
homes and lots for sale. 

Play the Oak Island Golf 
Course at Caswell Beach 
and Oak Island, and find 
golf at nearby St James 
Plantation and additional 
courses in the Brunswick 
County NC area. 

Shop the stores and 
businesses in the 
Oak Island, Southport, 
and Brunswick County 
area, and visit the art 
galleries, museums, 
and parks. 

Find delis, restaurants, 
and local eateries in 
Southport and Oak Island, 
and visit the Sunset Beach 
Calabash area of shopping 
and dining. 

Real Estate Info 

Dennis 910-279-0989 
Penny 910-279-0990

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Dennis and Penny Krueger 
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage 
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Southport NC 28461 
Telephone: 910-279-0990

Friday, August 17, 2018

14th Street Oak Island NC

14th Street Oak Island NC . Coastal North Carolina

Find the Oak Island 
and Caswell Beach 
area in Brunswick 
County and coastal 
North Carolina. 

If you are moving to 
the coast or planning 
to buy a vacation 
property at the beach, 
Island NC, Dolphin 
Drive, and Oak Island 
NC homes and cottages 
for sale.

View Oak Island NC photos of the ocean and fishing boats

See ships, sailboats, and 
birds on the Atlantic Ocean, 
and find the Intracoastal 
Waterway and Davis Canal. 

Play the Oak Island Golf 
Course at Caswell Beach 
and Oak Island, and find 
golf at nearby Boiling Spring 
Lakes, Bald Head Island, and 
St James Plantation NC. 

picture of the Oak Island Golf Course in Brunswick County NC

In addition to 14th Street, 
find Pelican Drive, Norton 
Street, and homes of sale 
at Oak Island and the 
Brunswick County beach 
towns and communities.

Dennis  910-279-0989  
Penny  910-279-0990  .

Brunswick County NC Oak Island  .  NC homes Carolina Here  .  Oak Island NC Real Estate 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

47th Street Oak Island NC

47th Street Oak Island NC - Southeastern North Carolina 

Are you moving to the 
Oak Island Caswell 
Beach area of 
Brunswick County 
and southeastern 
North Carolina? 

Find beach houses, 
cottages, and 
Waterway homes 
and lots, and ask 
about Yacht Drive, 
47th St Oak Island 
NC, and Dolphin 

See Davis Canal 
area homes and 
lots, find Yacht 
Drive and ICW 
area properties, 
and see cottages, 
condos, homes,
and Oak Island 
NC real estate and 
homes for sale.

Real Estate Info

Dennis 910-279-0989
Penny  910-279-0990

NC Homes for Sale Carolina Here  -  Oak Island NC Real Estate  -  Brunswick County NC

Dennis and Penny Krueger
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage
4911 Old Long Beach Road
Southport NC 28461
Telephone: 910-279-0990

Sunday, July 9, 2017

12th Street Oak Island NC

See 12th Street Oak Island NC.

Find cottages, condos, and homes for
sale at Oak Island and Caswell Beach
NC if you plan to relocate to the coast.
View 12th Street Oak Island NC,
Dolphin Drive, and McGlamery
Street, and search for homes in
the Oak Island and coastal North
Carolina area.

See videos below of the Oak Island area.

In addition to 12th Street Oak Island NC,
find Yacht Drive, Crowell Avenue, and
35th Street, and ask about condos, lots
for sale, and Oak Island NC real estate.

Enjoy the beaches at Caswell Beach,
Oak Island, and the Brunswick County
beaches and islands, and find boating,
sailing, and fishing at Oak Island,
Southport, and Sunset Harbor.

Call Dennis and Penny at 910-279-0990.
Contact The Krueger Team here for
information on new homes, condos, and
Oak Island NC homes for sale, and find
properties in the Brunswick County
North Carolina towns and communities.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oak Island NC - Atlantic Ocean - Intracoastal Waterway

View the ocean and ICW at Oak Island NC.

See the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and inlet
at Oak Island North Carolina. Enjoy fishing, sailing, and
boating on the ocean and the Waterway, and find fishing
and sailing on the Cape Fear River at nearby Southport.
Across the Intracoastal Waterway see the Sunset Harbor
community and the town of St James Plantation.

See videos below of the Oak Island NC area.

Play the golf course at Oak Island, enjoy the beaches and
Waterway, and find shopping and dining in the Oak Island
Southport area.

Intracoastal Waterway NC  -  Oak Island NC Homes for Sale  -  Atlantic Ocean and Oak Island Scenes

Friday, May 19, 2017

20th Street Oak Island NC

View 20th Street Oak Island and NC Homes.

Are you planning to 
purchase a vacation 
home or relocate to 
the Oak Island area
of Brunswick County. 
See Dolphin Dr,
20th Street Oak Island NC
and Yacht Dr, and find 49th 
Street and Oak Island
NC new homes for sale.

See videos below of the Oak Island 
NC area.

Find shops, stores, and 
businesses in the Oak Island 
Southport area, visit the 
Maritime Museum in Southport 
and the Oak Island Lighthouse, 
and visit the restaurants, delis, 
and local eateries in the area. 

Play the Oak Island Golf 
Course, and find golf at 
nearby St James Plantation 
and Boiling Spring Lakes. 

In addition to 20th Street 
and 49th Street, find Yacht 
Drive, 47th Street, and 
the Kings Lynn area. See 
cottages, waterfront homes, 
building sites, and
Oak Island NC real estate 
for sale. 

Brunswick County -  Oak Island NC Golf  -  NC Real Estate  - Carolina Buzz  - Oak Island NC New Homes

Friday, March 17, 2017

Oak Island NC New Homes

Find Oak Island NC new homes for sale.

Are you Searching for a new home 
at Oak Island or another Brunswick 
County beach community?  See 
and ask about new construction in 
the Holden Beach, Ocean Isle 
Beach, and Sunset Beach areas.


Find Yacht Drive, Crowell Street, 
and 49th Street, request information 
for beach houses and cottages, and 
find ICW homes. See videos and 
images of the ocean and Waterway
and find Oak Island new construction, 
building sites and lots, and  waterfront 
area properties for sale.   

Find Davis Canal area homes and 
lots for sale at Oak Island, request 
information for Caswell Beach, St 
James Plantation, and Brunswick 
County real estate, and see lots and 
new construction in the Oak Island 
North Carolina area.

See condos and lots at Caswell Beach, 
find waterfront homes and cottages 
at nearby Southport North Carolina, 
and find building sites, real estate, and 
St James Plantation new homes for sale. 
Visit the Oak Island Southport and 
Brunswick County area, and find your 
new home or vacation property.

Call Dennis at 910-279-0989  or  Penny at 910-279-0990. 

Contact The Krueger Team at
for Oak Island, Caswell Beach, and Brunswick County 
real estate information.

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